Jacee Badeaux The Next Justin Bieber? from American Idol 2011

Jacee Badeaux The Next Justin Bieber?
by: Jesse Fopppet

The good news is, there's an interesting young competitor that made it to Hollywood on American Idol this week. The bad news is 1) he's not going to be able to avoid being compared to Justin Bieber, and 2) worse, he's already being called a Justin Bieber.

Jacee Badeaux is one contestant you need to watch in this year's on American Idol. He's already has some people drawing comparisons to Justin Bieber. Is Jacee the next Justin Bieber in the making? Some are already comparing the 2011 "American Idol" competitor to Biebs, which could be good news for the AI hopeful.

Sporting a Bieber-like haircut, the 15 year old (really looks like a 12 year-old) has a great voice, fantastical musical taste and could be more talented than Justin Bieber.
Jacee enchanted the judges with his cuteness and smooth voice during a rendition of Otis Redding’s “Sitting On The Dock By The Bay” at the American Idol season 10 auditions in New Orleans. Countering Redding’s deep and rich reading, Jacee made the song his own by delivering it in a high tone that soared.

He is a sophomore at Lafayette High School’s Performing Arts Academy. Jacee was one of 20 first tenors named to Louisiana’s All-State Mixed Choir in 2009. Additionally, he sang in the Youth Choir at First Baptist Lafayette’s Christmas Fantasia last year. In July, he won Fox44’s Baton Rouge Idol contest. In his interview on the American Idol website, Jacee says that he started singing at age 3 at the urging of his parents and figured out that he was good when people started complimenting him.

Jacee Badeaux appears to be a diamond in the rough. The potential is there, and he may well get picked by the judges to go the voting round. Could Jacee be the next Justin Bieber? The judges really loved him. If Jacee gets through to the finals, he could very well dominate the tween vote. Still, it's a bit premature to think that Jacee will be able to win over the fans in the major way that Justin Bieber has. Bieber is larger than life right now. He's up for Grammy awards, doing PETA ads and tweeting with millions of fans on Twitter. Jacee Badeaux has a long way, and a long season ahead of him on American Idol if he hopes to even sing in Justin Bieber's league.

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