Large Diamonds of the World

Large Diamonds of the World
by: Nir Livnat

Starting from Briolette of India, which is 90.38 carats (18.08 g) and possibly the oldest diamond on record, large diamonds have consistently grown in popularity. Yearned by all jewelers and possessed by only a handful, these rare diamonds have collectors and jewelers bidding in millions at auctions held all over the world. Afforded only by the elite, these diamonds are exclusively crafted to perfection by large diamond manufacturers. Great care is taken to give the rough stone an ideal cut that will bring out the best that it can offer. The Steinmetz group took approximately 20 months to cut the 100-carat rough stone into the now, 59.60 carats, Internally Flawless clarity grade, Steinmetz Pink.

Large diamonds don’t necessarily have to be white; there are diamonds available in a range of colours. Through the ages there have been distinguished diamonds in all colours and shapes. Colours like pink, orange, black are available at an enormous cost and make to be fashionable, and extremely rare in the rich circles. A notable auction in 2008 saw a sale of the Fancy Deep Grayish Blue, antique oval stellar brilliant cut, Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond, which is 35.56 carats (7.11 g), for a whopping $23.4 million.

With big players spending huge money to get a hold of such exceptional diamonds, manufacturers are working extra hard to fulfill the growing need. With economies thriving, and the cream of the crop making more profits every year, it is no wonder that the exclusivity of these rare diamonds catch their eye. From celebrated celebrities that have said ‘yes’ to their significant other over a glimpse of its magnificence, to royal proposals that have remarked the legendary diamonds to their current glory, these stones have made history over and over again. To put examples forward; while, in yesteryears Prince Phillip presented Queen Elizabeth II with an engagement ring that was made from diamonds from his mother's tiara, an 69.42-carat pear-shaped Taylor-Burton diamond hanging pretty on Elizabeth Taylor’s neck marked her marriage to Richard Burton. Even more recent is the huge 6-carat pink diamond ring Ben Affleck gave to Jennifer Lopez that became news quickly.

Large diamonds are a sure way of keeping the limelight on you. Emotions like envy, admiration and awe skyrocket whenever a solid rock dazzles at a prestigious party or occasion. Large diamonds manufacturers are the ones you should seek out, to taste the joys of not just buying a diamond but investing in a stone that can turn your life around and make it a part of history.

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